Seniors / Mobility Challenged

Seating & Other Accommodations

The front of every bus has priority seating for seniors and with people with disabilities.

All buses have lift mechanisms to assist customers in wheelchairs or with other mobility impairments to board. Bus drivers welcome the opportunity to assist you.

Free Service For Seniors, Veterans, and ADA Eligible Passengers

Since July 2017, The MCAG Governing Board approved for the Transit Joint Powers Authority for Merced County to utilize a portion of Measure V funds to provide free fixed route service countywide to seniors, Veterans, and ADA eligible individuals.

To qualify for this program, individuals must present valid photo identification. Veterans and active service members may use a government issued ID, active military identification card, veteran’s health identification card, or retired military identification card. Seniors 62 or older may use a government issued ID displaying their date of birth, and ADA eligible passengers can use an ADA Paratransit card or a Medicare card with a photo ID to ride the fixed route system throughout Merced County without charge. Measure V Information.


ParaTransit helps people with disabilities get around.

ParaTransit provides lift-equipped buses for people whose disabilities prevent them from using or getting to regularly scheduled bus services. This curb-to-curb service is ADA compliant.

In order to ride Paratransit you must first apply. please visit or call 877-232-7433

Reserve A Trip

Call before 5 p.m., one to seven days in advance of your trip to reserve a ride.
To reserve a trip, please call us at 209-384-3111 in the Merced-Atwater area or 800-345-3111 in all other Merced County communities.