Bikes on The Bus

Bikes on Buses Basics

All buses are equipped with bike racks. The bike racks are located on the front bumper of the bus and are capable of accommodating 2-3 bicycles at a time. No additional fare or permit is required. The racks are available to all bus passengers on a space available basis.

  • Safety always comes first. When you are loading or unloading your bike, never step to the street side of The Bus. There could be moving traffic.
  • Your bicycle can be no larger than 80 inches long or 48 inches high. No motors, child carriers, or other bulky attachments can be accommodated due to weight and space limitations.
  • At a bus stop, have your bike ready to go as The Bus approaches. Remove water bottles, pumps, or other objects that might fall off during the trip.
  • The Bus is not responsible for damages incurred to, or caused by, bicycles on transit system property, and is not liable for damage to bicycles that are loaded improperly. You are responsible to properly load your bicycle and do so at your own risk.
Loading bike
Loading bike 2

If You Left Your Bike on The Bus
If you left your bicycle on The Bus and want to claim it, contact the main office at 209-384-3111.