Specialized Transit


Para-transit is curb-to-curb transit service that requires customers to make a reservation by 5pm the day prior to their trip. It is not taxi service but a shared ride public transportation service where you and others are assigned bus service according to where you want to go. ParaTransit service is available in every city, community and township in Merced County for residents who are ADA qualified riders.

To request a pick up you must make a reservation by 5pm the day before, or up to 2 weeks in advance by calling (209) 384-3111. There is no limit on the number of reservations made, however we do have a NO-SHOW Policy.

Cancellation of a Reservation:
To avoid a No-Show please call to cancel a trip at least 2 hours before the scheduled pick-up time.

A no-show occurs when a scheduled or subscription pick up has not been canceled 2 hours prior to pick up time and or The Bus arrives for a passenger who does not take the ride. The Bus will investigate and determine the cause of the NO-SHOW.

Learn more about ParaTransit and to find out if you’re eligible. Phone (209) 384-3111