MEASURE V                                                         


In November 2016, Merced County voters passed Measure V – a countywide ½ cent sales tax for transportation. The sales tax, which went into effect April 1, 2017, was projected to generate an estimated $15 million annually. MCAG, is the state-designated Local Transportation Authority for Merced County responsible for the implementation and administration of overseeing Measure V. Over the next 30 years of sales tax it is projected that $22.5 million will be available for Transit Projects. The Governing Board of the Merced County Association of Governments is the decision-maker for allocating these funds. The goal of this funding category is to expand or enhance public transit services and programs.

Free Service for Seniors, Veterans and ADA eligible Passengers

Since July 2017, The MCAG Governing Board approved for the Transit Joint Powers Authority for Merced County to utilize a portion of Measure V funds to provide free fixed route service countywide to seniors, Veterans, and ADA eligible individuals.

To qualify for this program, individuals must present valid photo identification. Veterans and active service members may use a government issued ID, active military identification card, veteran’s health identification card, or retired military identification card. Seniors 62 or older may use a government issued ID displaying their date of birth, and ADA eligible passengers can use an ADA Paratransit card or a Medicare card with a photo ID to ride the fixed route system throughout Merced County without charge.

Please be aware that Bus Operators are not able to allow any passengers to ride for free without one of these valid forms of identification. No exceptions.

If you need assistance with determining your eligibility for riding The Bus fixed routes for free, please contact our Transit Administration office at (209) 723-3100 or visit us at 1850 K Street in Merced.

For more information and the latest updates on Measure V please visit: