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What exactly is The Micro Bus? Imagine a cross between an Uber/Lyft and a public transit system, now give it a defined service area with virtual stops every 1/4 mile, and there you have it!  A more customized service than your average fixed-route, and an on-demand service using an app on your smart phone, website or by calling customer service.



The Micro Bus will provide service within the communities on the west side of Merced County including Gustine, Santa Nella, Los Banos and Dos Palos. It also connects to the LB Commuter fixed-route which travels between those communities.


* Please refer to the Micro Bus App to see the virtual stops.



Book your ride through The Micro Bus app!

Step 1. Download The Micro Bus app which is available for free on the App Store or Google Play by simply clicking the links below or by searching for "The MicroBus".

Step 2. Register and create your profile.

Step 3. Book your ride!

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You can also book a ride by calling Customer Service at (209) 725-3813  

Or simply click the "Book Now" button:

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faq You've got questions, we've got answers. Lots of them.

How much does it cost?

  • General Fare/Child Fare $1.50 one-way
  • Reduced Fare $0.75 one-way (Seniors, Veterans and ADA-certified passengers)
  • Pay cash on board the bus or on the app when you make your reservation

What is The Micro Bus? What is its purpose?

  • Think of The Micro Bus as a hybrid of an Uber/Lyft and a public transit system within a defined service area with virtual stops every quarter mile
  • Provides more customized service than a fixed-route by providing on-demand services using an app on a smart phone, a website, or by calling customer service
  • Provides paratransit services door-to-door, advanced reservations are allowed for ADA-certified passengers

How does The Micro Bus work?

  • It is as simple as making a reservation! 
  • Download the app, register, create an account, and book your ride; or
  • You can still call dispatch to schedule a ride: Call customer service at 209-725-3813 or 209-384-3111
  • Use the website to book your ride when you are ready

Can I still use the service if I don’t have a smart phone?

  • Yes, you do not have to use a smart phone to book a ride. You can use the website to log into your profile and book a ride, or call customer service to do it over the phone.

Can reservations be made only with the app? I am not tech savvy or don’t have a cell phone.

  • No, reservations can also be made via phone or website. please call customer service at 209-725-3813 or 209-384-3111 to schedule a pick-up or visit:

Where do I catch The Micro Bus?

  • Find the virtual stop closest to you on The Micro Bus app, website, or by calling customer service. Set that as your pick-up location. The bus will arrive at that stop at your scheduled departure time. The bus will not pick you up at your door unless you are ADA-certified through Merced The Bus. 
  • Please arrive at your virtual stop at least 5 minutes ahead of your scheduled pick-up time.
  • Some locations will have physical bus stop signs and poles. Most will not.
  • Stops should be listed on the website and app.

What are the operating hours?

  • Monday - Friday: 6:00 am - 7:30 pm
  • Saturday/Sunday: 8:00 am – 5:30 pm

Can I ride the bus if I use a mobility device?

  • Yes, all vehicles are accessible for persons using mobility devices.

What is the wait time?

  • This is a pilot, so times may vary. Wait times are anticipated to be 15-40 minutes for same-day reservations, depending on demand.

How far in advance can I schedule a ride?

  • You can book a ride on the day you would like to travel, or on any day, up to 2 weeks in advance.

Can I transfer to the Los Banos Commuter?

  • Yes, transfers are free. Make sure to schedule your trip with enough time to assure you catch the next bus. The Micro Bus will make its best effort to get you to the bus stop on time to catch the LB Commuter.

What is the service area?

  • The Micro Bus will provide service within the communities on the west side of Merced County: Gustine, Santa Nella, Los Banos, and Dos Palos

Can I take my bike?

  • Vehicles with bike racks are available upon request at time of booking. Be sure to let your reservationist know you will be taking a bike, if booking over the phone. There will be an option to bring your bike when you book through the app or website, this will be important to ensure there is enough room for your bike, as each vehicle only has room for two bicycles.

How do I know where my virtual stop is?

  • Virtual stops will generally be located near or around intersections or landmarks. The app contains a map of all virtual stops and additional instructions which can be seen by the passenger. For example, “Instructions: lower parking lot on the south side of the building.” If you are uncertain of the location of the virtual stop, customer service can help you locate it.