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Posted on: June 22, 2022

Route and Schedule Changes

In an effort to address the outstanding Unmet Transit Needs The Bus will be making changes to some fixed-route services. In addition to the outstanding Unmet Transit Needs, there have been requests for services in South Merced at the soon-to-be high-density development at Childs Ave. and B Street and the Rescue Mission on Cone Avenue near G Street. The Bus is planning the implementation of the below noted recommended route changes to happen on August 13 to minimize disruption of established travel patterns for school-aged children and college students. 

During the months of July-September, The Bus plans to offer free fares for all passengers and the timing of the program will allow new passengers and loyal passengers to receive information well in advance of the changes. 

Written comments can be submitted to the MCAG office via U.S. Mail at 369 W. 18th Street, Merced, CA, 95340, Attention: Mauricio Torres, Assistant Planner, or via email at

Changes are as follows. 

M4 Route – North Merced (Unmet Transit Need):

    Split route into two routes (north and south) to increase efficiency

    Provide service to North Merced past the college; will service Merced’s new transit center near M Street and Bellevue Rd. 

M4 Route – Southeast Merced (SRTP Recommendation)

    Provide service to B St. and Childs Ave. (affordable housing project)

    Provide service to G St. and Cone Ave. (Rescue Mission) 

    Update schedule to incorporate new services areas

Planada Route (Unmet Transit Need):

    Increase frequency from six daily trips during the week to 10 daily trips.

    Streamline route based on SRTP recommendations by making Felix Torres Stop an on-demand stop (8AM-5PM) and modifying parts of the route with low ridership.

W2 Route (Service Reductions): 

    Eliminate the W2 Route to make permanent the Emergency Service reductions implemented in October 2021 and maintain them to be provided as portions of the L Route (Livingston) 

Livingston Route (Service Reductions): 

    Streamline route based on SRTP recommendations to remove service from areas of low ridership, provide service to south Livingston

    Incorporate stops from the eliminated W2 route that were implemented as part of the emergency service reductions. 

    Update schedule to incorporate route modifications recommended in the community of Livingston based on SRTP recommendations

Los Banos Route (Service Reductions):

    Modify the timetable/schedule to make permanent the Emergency Service reductions implemented in October 2021 to operate two buses instead of three buses on a fixed route service between Los Banos and Merced on the Los Banos Commuter route

Eliminate flag stops in all incorporated cities (SRTP recommendations)

    As new and existing routes get are modified bus stops will be established on routes

    Flag stops to be eliminated in city limits where there is sufficient bus stops

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